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Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Dina Mustafa Fagir Host-parasite interactions in small mammals
Dr Sarita Maree  
Dr Katarina Medger Physiology and behavioural ecology of small mammals
Dr Samantha Naidoo Phenotypic flexibility in bat thermal physiology
Dr Marietjie Oosthuizen Neuroendocrinology and anatomy of reproduction, circadian biology, memory and learning of small mammals
Dr Margaux Rat Animal behaviour: Group-living and social organisation
Dr Sonja Streicher  
Dr Anne Treasure Ecology, oceanography, and marine ecology
Dr Ingrid van der Merwe  
Dr Cornelia Voigt Neural and hormonal correlates of dominance rank in Damaraland mole rats
Dr Els Vermeulen Population structure and viability of Indian Ocean humpback dolphins (Sousa plumbea) in South Africa
Dr Mia Wege Foraging and behavioural ecology
Dr John Wilson  


- Author C. Weldon
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