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Academic staff

Dr Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed Chemical ecology of social insects
Prof. Armanda Bastos Molecular epidemiology and zoology
Prof. Nigel Bennett South African Research Chair in Mammalian Behavioural Ecology and Ecophysiology
Prof. Chris Chimimba Systematics of southern African fauna
Prof. P. J. Nico de Bruyn Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme
Prof. Andre Ganswindt Director - Mammal Research Institute / Vertebrate endocrinology and conservation physiology
Dr Jeyanthi Gopalraj Physiology / Immunological aspects of goat-tick relationships
Dr Almuth Hammerbacher Chemical interactions
Dr Brett Hurley Tree Protection Cooperative Programme
Prof. Kerstin Krüger ARPPIS Local Coordinator / Insect-plant interactions
Dr Heike Lutermann Undergraduate Academic Advisor / Behavioural ecology, parasite ecology and ecophysiology
Prof. Andrew McKechnie South African Research Chair in Conservation Physiology
Dr Carel Oosthuizen First-year Zoology Coordinator / Molecular ecology and evolution
Prof. Christian Pirk Honours Coordinator / Behavioural, chemical and evolutionary ecology of social insects
Prof. Mark Robertson Acting Head of Department / Community ecology, macro-ecology and biological invasions
Prof. Adrian Shrader Behavioural ecology of mammalian herbivores
Prof. Catherine Sole Postgraduate Coordinator / Scarab Research Group
Dr Chris Weldon Marketing and Media Liaison / Flies of Economic Significance Research Group (FliES)

Senior research associates

Prof. Marthan Bester Population biology and ecology of pinnipeds in the Southern Ocean
Prof. Sue Nicolson Pollinator ecophysiology
Prof. Clarke Scholtz Scarab Research Group
Prof. Rudi van Aarde Community Ecology Research Unit


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