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General Regulations and Rules

Please find the rules and regulations in this PDF:

SAQA registration
SAQA is currently in the process of completing a very comprehensive project to ensure that the correct qualification/programme information and requirements i.e name, NQF-level, minimum number of credits required for obtaining a specific qualification is available. In this regard, UP reserves the right to prescribe the requirements as reflected in its HEQSF-aligned and approved PQM for programmes leading to UP qualifications. This means that there may be instances where the information or requirements on the SAQA database differ from that prescribed by UP for a specific programme leading to a UP qualification, or it may not be available as yet. In such event, the information and requirements provided by UP and specified by UP in the relevant UP Yearbook will take precedence over the SAQA database. All students wishing to qualify for a UP qualification will thus have to comply with the requirements determined by UP as published in the relevant UP Yearbook.