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In recent days, UP students were involved in altercations between differing student groups, and also subsequent incidents where police acted against students who were protesting outside of the campus. A number of students were arrested by police on Friday last week on grounds of acts of public violence which took place outside of the campus. These students were released on bail and required to attend the Magistrates Court this morning. Their cases have been postponed until April.

The Executive of the University have expressed deep concern about the rolling set of demands being made by protesters, which is compromising the good governance and management of the University.  The current issue is related to the review of the UP language policy. However, no decisions have been made, as yet, on acceptance or approval of the proposed amendments. The current language policy will remain in place until any changes to this policy are officially approved.

The proposals made by the task team include the use of English as the primary language of instruction, with Afrikaans and Sepedi being proposed for use in providing additional support to students.  This is in line with a proposal that the University promotes multilingualism as a means to facilitate students’ academic success, and to build social cohesion.  

In addition to the ongoing discussions, all staff, students, parents and alumni are being encouraged to send their comments and feedback to the University management and channels have been set up for this purpose.

Today the University was obliged to suspend academic activities on its Hatfield Campus due to repeated threats of disruptions and violence.  The decision was taken because the safety of our students and staff remains paramount. There have been continued protests during the day.

We have implemented additional security measures and we continue to work with the police services to maintain order.

We have systems in place to communicate with students and staff, and we will keep all stakeholders informed. Students are advised to consult the available channels on a regular basis for further updates.

University management are seeking to meet with protest leaders to find a peaceful solution to the current situation.  


- By University Management
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Update on current events - 22 February 2016