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Guest Presenters and Music Department Faculty

Guest Presentors

Minnesota Orchestra

Professor Albie van Schalkwyk

Doctor Cobus du Toit

Professor Lenora Helm Hammonds 

Mike Campbell

​Rio Trio



The Music Department Faculty, University of Pretoria

Full-Time Staff 


Professor Alexander Johnson, Head of Department


Doctor Hanli Stapela, Head of Classical Singing, Vocal Methadology


Doctor Miles Warrington, Music Technology 


Professor Wessel van Wyk, Piano and Chamber Music


Evans Netshivhambe 


Doctor Ben Schoeman, Piano


Doctor Sonja Cruywagen, Music Education


Andeline dos Santos, Music Therapy


Gerben Grooten, Orcherstra Conducting


Doctor Michael Barrett, Choral Conducting


Doctor Carol Lotter, Music Therapy


Professor Mageshen Naidoo, Jazz Music


Doctor Clorinda Panebianco, Musicology and Music Psychology


Doctor Tessa Rhoodie, Piano, Aural Training, Piano Methodology and Chamber Music 


Phuti Sepuru, Music Jazz


Professor Joseph Stanford, Piano


Doctor Dorette Vermeulen, Music Education

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