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#TuksArchery: Anderson impresses in the first competition after his boat accident
13 February 2018

The Paralympian archer, Shaun Anderson (Tuks), might have shot a South African record over the weekend in his first competition since the boat accident in which he lost the use of his legs.
In the first round on Saturday at the TuksArchery Competition he shot a score of 305 and finished the day with a score of 586 points. On Sunday his overall score was 576.

It is his score of 305 that excites Anderson. 

“We are not sure yet. It might be a South African record in the new category in which I am competing. Unfortunately, I got tired during the second round which led to me making some elementary errors. It costed me valuable points. However I am not too fazed about it. I have only been shooting seriously for the last two weeks. I am not yet ‘bow fit’,” said the Tuks-archer.

“The reason why I am excited about my first round score of 305 is because if I was able to repeat it in the second round it would have meant that I would have shot 610. At last year’s World Championships it would have placed me in the top 12th in the world in my category. 

“I am confident that it is going only to be matter of time before I will be able to consistently shoot scores of 600 and more. As they say practise makes perfect. 

“I really learned a lot over the weekend.  The way my wheelchair is positioned is of utmost importance. I took a few breaks during the competition which meant that my wheelchair was not in the same position all the time. Two inches to the left or right make a big difference. 

“I discussed it with my coach, Barbara Manning. A possible solution would be to get a mat on which we draw lines to ensure that my wheelchair stays in the same position throughout a competition.”

Anderson hopes to compete at the end of the month in a competition in KwaZulu-Natal. He has also been invited to compete in two competitions in Europe. 

“I guess I will seriously have to start saving in order for me to compete internationally.”

Anderson who had his left arm amputated a few years ago after severely damaging it in a motorcycle accident has got a definite goal in mind. He wants to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. That is just the way he goes about things. No half measures ever. If everything goes according to plan he hopes to qualify for the Games next year July at the World Championships.

Anderson finished 17th during the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.


- Author Wilhelm de Swardt
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Photo credit: Reg Caldecott