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Pricing structure

The following pricing structure is applicable for the TuksPrint services for 2017:

    Black and White: Prints/Copies            
      A4 Single Sided  R 0.58    
      A4 Double Sided R 1.16    
      A3 Single Sided R 1.16    
      A3 Double Sided  R 2.32    
    Colour: Prints/Copies            
      A4 Single Sided  R 1.23    
      A4 Double Sided R 2.46    
      A3 Single Sided R 2.46    
      A3 Double Sided  R 4.92    
      A4 - per scan    R 0.18    
Faxing, Binding and Laminating prices are available on request


- Author Dr Wimpie Beeken
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