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Blog: How to choose the right modules

How to choose the right modules

It is completely normal to finish high school and still be in two minds about what degree you want to study. Thinking carefully about the modules you choose is vital; after all, you will study these subjects for a good few years and this could determine what career path you’ll choose.

Some students find themselves dreading to attend lectures because they chose the wrong modules. If you’re one of them, you should probably change your course.

This checklist could guide you into making the right decisions:

  1. Will your selected subjects ensure you get that dream job when you’re a UP graduate? If what you are studying does not complement the job you’d like to have, find out which subjects will. Students often make the mistake of majoring in certain subjects and regretting them later because they were not a requirement for their dream job.
  1. Don’t choose the same modules as your friends for convenience sake. Bear in mind that they probably chose their courses for a reason which is different to yours. You need to ensure that you do exceptionally well in all your subjects. Choosing a module you aren’t really interested in is a waste of money and definitely not the way to go. If you choose modules that interest you, you’ll perform so much better than choosing modules you don’t necessarily like.
  1. Read your course guide and make sure you understand it. Read through all the modules the degree will be covering.  Some degrees require you to study prerequisite modules beforehand, so it is better to find this out before you start, rather than to meet surprises on your way.
  1. Speak to a professional in your chosen field of study. This way, you’ll hear all about the good and bad aspects of the job. What is it about their job that they love? You can also find out what they studied in order for them to get employed by the company they work for. After the conversation you may choose a different career – or indeed be super-motivated!
  1. Shadow an expert in your chosen career. Try to do this for a week to see what their typical days are like. This way you’ll also be able to observe them when they’re faced with tough decisions or clients. It is important that you observe all aspects of a career you are interested in so that you have a holistic and realistic picture of that career.

Attending a Career Day at the University will also help you choose your modules carefully while aptitude tests will reveal which careers suit your personality and interests.

Download the Career App.tizer app if you’re a high school or a new student and you want to know more about the different courses the University of Pretoria offers.


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