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Blended learning


HYBRID TEACHING AND LEARNING have received accelerated traction globally as the most effective way of delivering high-quality education that prepares students for the world of work while still giving them a campus experience. The hybrid approach is widely viewed as more conducive than other approaches to the provision of quality, relevant and impactful education.

For two decades the University of Pretoria has experimented with and refined a hybrid approach to teaching and learning. Simply put, the University has adopted a delivery model which makes use of traditional, classroom-based learning tools supplemented by online and technology-supported activities. This model has secured a place on the African continent for the University of Pretoria as a leader in the use of a technology-enhanced learning model.

World-wide research has revealed that students who are exposed to a hybrid approach outperform students who work in a completely contact or an online only environment. The University of Pretoria’s retention, success and completion rates are some of the best in South Africa.

‘Universities need to make decisions about how they deliver their courses. Getting the learning mix right is very important. The University of Pretoria has chosen to create hybrid teaching and learning opportunities by going beyond the classroom. This is in line with the practices of the best universities globally. We have done this, because at the end of the day, our students’ success is what matters,’ says Professor Norman Duncan, Vice-Principal: Academic at the University.

‘Students of the University of Pretoria can expect contact with their lecturers in traditional classroom settings but will also find that some classroom interactions will have technology elements added, some assessments will be done online and modules will have a technology-based component to them,’ continues Professor Duncan.

‘All of this,’ he explains, ‘ensures that our students graduate as leaders in their field, but also technology savvy, and work-place ready. Students choose UP because they want to be appropriately prepared for their future.’


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