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24 July 

Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed

Social Insects Research Group, Department of Zoology and Entomology

17 July John Hargrove

Extinction probabilities of tsetse flies

12 June Usman Danbaba, Phindile Dumani,  Biomath2018 conference student delegates 25 min presentation each on the work that they intend to present at the conference.
5 June Martin Strugarek Optimal population replacement strategies using Wolbachia-induced cytoplasmic incompatibility
29 May Martin Strugarek Sterilizing males for vector control: new insights from a mathematical model
15 May Baaba Danquah Effective and ineffective treatment in a malaria model for humans in an endemic area
8 May Gideon Ngwa Continuation of previous talk on 8 May
27 March Gideon Ngwa On the mathematical modeling of the dynamics of mosquito populations
20 March Usman Danbaba Modeling the transmission dynamics of Zika virus
17 April Manjunath Gandhi Continuation of his previous talk on 6 March
20 March Usman Danbaba Modeling the transmission dynamics of Zika virus

6 March

Manjunath Gandhi

Attractivity in nonautonomous systems

27 Feb

Tamaryn Du Preez 

Solving hyperbolic heat transfer problems numerically


24 Oct

Koffi Messan



17 Oct


Usman Danbaba


10 Oct


Rebecca Bekker


19 Sep


Chibale Mumba


12 Sep


Yibeltal Terefe 

Mathematics of  a sex-structured model for Syphilis transmission dynamics

05 Sep


Jacek Banasiak


01 Aug

Wanja Chaabari 

Intracellular and Immune-Response Delays Effects on the Interation between Tumor Cells, Oncolytic Viruses and the Immune System

25 July

Khotso Matlou


23 May

Joseph Malinzi

Mathematical analysis of a tumour-immune interaction model: A moving boundary problem

9 May

Roxanne Beauclair  

Age-mixing and HIV transmission: A cluster randomised controlled trial in Malawi

14 March

Patrick Shabangu    

Modelling of a blood flow problem

7 March


Simple model of rabies among wild dogs

28 Feb


 Studying the effects of density dependency and temperature change on the dynamics of tsetse flies

14 Feb


Mathematical modeling of oncolytic potency and reduced virus tumor-specificity in virotherapy


8 Nov

Hagos Gidey

Some basic models for the population dynamics of honeybee colonies

1 Nov

Kenneth Dukusa


A glimpse of the center manifold theory

25 Oct

Roumen Anguelov


Structural stability and bifurcation of flows and maps

06 Sep

Salisu Garba

Assessing the impact of cross-immunity on the transmission dynamics of two strains of dengue.


16 Aug

Joseph Malinzi


26 Jul

Rebecca Bekker

Diffusion in soil borne plant pathogen models

24 May

Yusuf Abdullahi

Catching a drone with a drone: using quadcopters for honeybee population census


17 May

Jacek Banasiak

Multi-scale models in mathematical biosciences

03 May

Koffi Messan Agbavon

Transport-Equilibrium scheme for computing nonclassical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws

26 Apr

Jacek Banasiak

Multi-scale models in mathematical biosciences

19 Apr

Baaba Ghansah

Mathematical model of malaria in children under five years in an endemic area

05 Apr

Michael Chapwanya

Modeling the spread of a vector-borne disease in a crop

15 March

Yibelta Terefe

Mathematical modeling and analysis of Zika virus

08 March

Julize van Niekerk

Development of a Human Risk Assessment Model for Underground Coal mine Dust Exposure

16 Febr


Introductory Biomath Coffee of 2016


20 Oct

Nafiu Hussaini

A Mathematical Contribution to the Prevention of AVL-HIV Co-endemicity in South Africa

8 Sep

Americo Matusse

Mathematical Model of Morphogen Gradient Formation

1 Sep

Jejeniwa Ayodeji

Nonstandard finite difference scheme for Predator-Prey model

18 Aug

Claire Dufourd

MAT model for the control of Bactrocera invadens using Male Annihilation Technique (MAT).

11 Aug

Oore-ofe Akeredolu

Morphological features of erythrocytes and platelets as a complication seen in rheumatoid arthritis patients

04 Aug

Michael Chapwanya


18 May

Claire Dufourd

Eat, Pray, Love - The life of a mosquito

12 May

Kenneth Dukusa

On a seasonally responsive malaria model

05 May


Mathematical Model or Statistical Model - Open discussion

21 Apr

Bukola Olutola

Characterising intraurban air pollution exposure using land use regression models

14 Apr


Open discussion on editing and publications

24 March

Michael Chapwanya

Mathematical modelling and analysis of Lipodystrophy syndrome in HIP patients Grid (Project 10 from the 2nd joint UNISA-UP workshop)

17 March

Moses Kebalepile

The Diagnosis, Prediction and Prognosis of Exacerbated Asthma; the development of an Asthma Grid

10 March

Dr. Heike Lutermann

Interspecific interactions between co-infecting ectoparasite communitiesof an ancient African mammal

24 Febr

Tshepo P. Moto

Application of NexGen health risk assessment framework to Gold nanoparticles exposure assessment

17 Febr


What are your reseach focus for 2015?


18 Nov


End of the year function

11 Nov

Cornel du Toit

Convergent responses of ecosystem processes in Afromontane grassland

4 Nov

Anri van Wyk

The Hybrid Dilemma

21 Oct

Michael Chapwanya

A model for the hydration of a navy bean grain

14 Oct

Heike Lutermann

Digging deep for answers - contributions of density- and frequency-dependent factors on ectoparasite burden of a social mammal

07 Oc

Visit at the NZG


16 Sept

Jean Lubuma

Mickens' SIR epidemic model with root dynamics

9 Sep

Shitu Hassan Adamu

Switching from Exact Scheme to Nonstandard Finite Difference Scheme for Linear Delay Differential Equation

2 Sep

Chris Weldon

Influence of temperature on development of the Australian sheep blowfly

26 Aug

Quay van der Hoff

Investigating the behaviour of a predator-prey model with predator population saturation

12 Aug

Berge Tsanou

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), the ongoing outbreak:A step toward Mathematical Models


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