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What's happening at the UP Student Chapter?

  • "This last July I had the incredible privilege of being part of the 2016 SIAM Annual Meeting in Boston. It was an amazing week, providing opportunities to learn more about advanced mathematics in your field or get some ideas about other fields, to get advice as to what your next step after student-life could look like, and to meet new people and become part of the SIAM community.
    I particularly enjoyed the guest speakers, who excellently communicated really fascinating work at a level that was easy to grasp even for people who work outside those fields. The job panel discussion and meetings were also really helpful to get a feel for what mathematics in industry could look like in a first-world country where companies actually employ mathematicians to do mathematics.
    Being able to meet other students was fantastic, and the student social activities (organised bu SIAM or by the students themselves) provided opportunities to do that. However, some things that really stood out were being able to join SIAM leadership in a focus group to discuss how to progress in third-world countries and to be part of a luncheon where you got a chance to chat with the guest speakers and other leading mathematicians. These helped me realize that I was an appreciated part of the SIAM community.
    Also, the funding always helps.
    With gratitude,
    Gray Manicom."
  • On Friday, November 13th, we tested our luck as Professor Sauer ran a PresentMath workshop, encouraging and guiding students to present well and how to go about it. It was a very informative discussion and all who attended benefitted. If anyone would like Prof. Sauer's slides containing his tips, then please email [email protected]com. The talk was followed by an great discussion as students discussed mathematics in general.
  • On November 9th members of the SIAM UP committee met with undergraduate students studying fields related to mathematics. We hung out, ate popcorn, and discussed why we study mathematics and why we love what we do. It was awesome seeing them begin to understand that mathematics is both beautiful and useful, and we look forward to continuing this process with them into the future. Hopefully, some mathematicians were born.
  • 18th September 2015: Movie & pizza night
  • April 2015: WriteMath Workshop


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