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Innovation, IP and Research Contracts

Contract research constitutes an important source of research revenue for the University. It is essentially research that is funded by external sources of funding, including government, foreign funders, and industry or commerce.

Typically these sources of funding would include government funding instruments such as THRIP, the Innovation Fund, the Biotechnology Regional Innovation Centres (BRICS), and industry sources would include large corporate business, and small to medium enterprises (SME’s). Foreign funders would include the EU Framework Programmes, Foundations and Agencies, and collaborative research funds.

The Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) provides support to researchers at the University in establishing agreements, obtaining funds, establishing collaborations, and compliance with the various legislative and internal University policy requirements.

TTO Office

Innovation is the process of development through which inventions or discoveries are expanded and brought into application.

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at UP is instrumental in the identification, protection and commercialication of Intellectual Property (IP). It also publishes news on new innovation in its  TTO News.

Please click on the images below to download the most recent publications.

Issue 3: May 2017 Issue 2: March 2016  Issue 1: May 2015


Please click on the image below to download a summary of the 45 current technologies availabale for licensing at the University of Pretoria.

Technology Profile    



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