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NRF-rated Researchers | 2017

The University of Pretoria currently has 460 rated researchers. The complete list of the University’s NRF-rated researchers, grouped in the different categories, is given below.

A-rating | Leading international researchers

Researchers who are unequivocally recognised by their peers as leading international scholars in their field, and for the high quality and impact of their research output.

P-rating | Prestigious awards

Young researchers, usually younger than 35 years, who are recognised as having the potential to become leaders in their field.

B-rating | Internationally acclaimed researchers

Researchers who enjoy considerable international recognition for the high quality and impact of their recent research.

C-rating | Established researchers

Proven researchers who have maintained a constant high level of research productivity and whose work is regularly made known internationally.

Y-rating | Promising young researchers

Young researchers who have held a doctorate or equivalent qualification for less than five years at the time of application, and who have the potential to establish themselves as researchers.

A list of NRF-rated researchers, as on 18 December 2017, can be downloaded here.

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