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National & International Links

1. Associations

South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) (follow the link)

One of the largest special interest groups in SASOP is the Philosophy of Psychiatry Special Interest Group (POP-SIG) that was founded in 2002. SASOP and the International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry co-hosted the 10th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology in 2007 in South Africa.

International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry (follow the link)

This Network consists of about 40 national associations across the world and presents annual or biennial international conferences.  

2. Journals

South African Journal of Psychiatry (follow the link)

Philosophy Psychiatry & Psychology (follow the link)

Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine (follow the link) 

3. Values Based Practice

Values Based Practice is taught in the MPhil-programme (Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health) and in the 2nd year module of medical and dental students called "People and their Environment" at the University of Pretoria. Various international links are maintained.

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