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Important information for participants

2018 How to register

Schools are requested to complete the essay cover page and submit it along with their essays. Only teams that submit essays with the completed cover page will be registered for the competition. Essays without completed cover-pages will not be accepted.

2018 Documents

► Official 2018 Hypothetical Case and Resource Pack

► Official 2018 Rules

► Official Time-Line

► Essay Cover Page and Registration Form

► Official Essay Marking Sheet

► Official Oral Scoresheet

► Essay writing guidelines

► Oral Pleading Guide

2018 Resource pack for all participants

The 2018 Resource Pack is attached to the 2018 Hypothetical Case and it contains the foundational research necessary to make a strong argument for both sides. Participants are encouraged to use it as a point of departure. As always, participants are STRONGLY encouraged to conduct their own research outside of the scope of this Resource Pack.

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