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The National School Moot Court Competition, on an annual basis, brings together grade 10 and 11 learners from every part of South Africa to argue a hypothetical case under the South African Constitution. The Competition has over the last seven years proven itself to be a powerful tool to popularize the Constitution and to ensure that young people and their communities have a better understanding of the way in which this foundational document of our democracy works. Such a moot, reaching all 4 million secondary learners, generation after generation, can play a central role in deepening our constitutional values as a critical time in our country's history. 

We would like to ask your assistance to ensure that the Competition, which already reaches hundreds of learners each year, expands its scope and impact much further. We invite every lawyer in the country to consider serving as a coach to the learners of a school in his or her vicinity, and help the learners who want to participate in the competition to do so. 

We are in particular interested in ensuring that learners from those schools which normally do not participate in such events get the benefit of the services of a legal practitioner who helps them prepare their essays, and if they are selected for the further rounds to help them to develop the skills to speak in a court of law with confidence. 

Each coach is encouraged to work out the terms of their engagement with the school in their own manner, but it should be emphasized that this need not be an onerous obligation. 

A couple of visits to the school - or inviting the learners to one's office where appropriate - will in many cases already make a huge difference. We have found that lawyers of all backgrounds who have in the past done such coaching - advocates, attorneys, judges, magistrates, prosecutors and others - have found it to be an enormously rewarding experience, and an opportunity to make a direct contribution towards making our democracy work. 

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For further information, contact us at [email protected] or 012 420 5883. 


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