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Prof K (Kathy) Driver

Tel: +2712 420-6789
Fax: +2712 420-3893
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Botany Building 2-14

Position: Temporary Part-time Professor
Academic qualifications: PhD

NRF rating:  B3

Fields of interest: Approximation Theory, Special Functions, Differential Equations                

Research interests: Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials       

Publications over the past five years

Journal Articles

D Dominici, K Driver, K Jordaan. Polynomial solutions of differential-difference equations. Journal of Approximation Theory 163 (2011), 41-48.

A F Beardon, K A Driver and K H Jordaan. Zeros of polynomials embedded in an orthogonal sequence. Numerical Algorithms (2011) 57: 399-403.

K A Driver and K Jordaan. Stieltjes interlacing of zeros of Laguerre polynomials from different sequences.  Indagationes Mathematicae 21 (2011), 204-211.

K A Driver, A Jooste and K Jordaan. Stieltjes interlacing of zeros of Jacobi polynomials from different sequences. Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis 38 (2011), 317-326.

K A Driver. Interlacing of zeros of Gegenbauer polynomials of non-adjacent degree from different sequences. Numerische Mathematik (2012) 120:35-44.

K A Driver and K H Jordaan. Bounds for extreme zeros of some classical orthogonal polynomials. Journal of Approximation Theory 164 (2012), 1200-1204.  

K A Driver and K H Jordaan. Inequalities for extreme zeros of some classical orthogonal and q-orthogonal polynomials. Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena Vol. 8 No. 1 (2013), 48-59.

K A Driver and M E Muldoon. Zeros of Pseudo Ultraspherical polynomials. Analysis and Applications. Vol. 12, No.5 (2014), 563-581

K A Driver and M E Muldoon. Common and interlacing zeros of families of Laguerre polynomials. Journal of Approximation Theory Vol. 193 (2015), 89-98.   

K A Driver and M E Muldoon. Interlacing and bounds for zeros of some quasi-orthogonal Laguerre polynomials. Computational Methods and Function Theory  Vol.15, No.4, (2015), 645—654.

K Driver and M E Muldoon. A connection between ultraspherical and pseudo-ultraspherical polynomials. Journal of Math. Anal. and Applic., Vol. 439 (2016), 323-329.

K A Driver and M E Muldoon. Interlacing properties of Real Zeros of General Laguerre Polynomials. Journal of Inequalities and Special Functions, Vol 7 (1), (2016), 1-17.

K A Driver and K Jordaan. Zeros of quasi-orthogonal Jacobi polynomials. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications 12, (2016), 042, 13 pages.

K A Driver and M E Muldoon. Zeros of quasi-orthogonal ultraspherical polynomials. To appear in Indagationes Mathematicae

Driver K, Jooste AS Interlacing of zeros of Quasi-orthogonal Meixner polynomials. To appear in Quaestiones Mathematicae


The State of Science in South Africa. Academy of Science of South Africa, October 2009. Author of Chapter 2: Mathematical Sciences. ISBN 978-0-9814159-4-9 

Invited and Plenary Lectures

Plenary Invited speaker Jaen Conference on Approximation Theory, Ubeda, Spain. 28 June – 3 July 2015

Invited speaker at International conference on Applied Mathematics. In honor of Roderick Wong’s 70th birthday, City University of Hong Kong, 1-5 December 2014.

Invited speaker at Orthogonal Polynomials, Integrable Systems and their applications. In honor of Mourad Ismail’s 70th birthday, University of Shanghai Jiao Tong, 25-29 October 2014.

Invited speaker at Workshop to honour 80th birthday of Richard Askey, 6-7 December 2013, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Invited speaker at MAICATA, City University of Hong Kong, 20-24 May 2013

Invited Plenary speaker at South African Mathematical Society Meeting, University of Stellenbosch 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2012

Invited speaker at International Conference on Differential Equations, Difference Equations and Special Functions, Patras, Greece, 3-7 September 2012.

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