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Final cheers to Appletiser
1 December 2017
On 14 November 2017, the Department of Marketing Management and Appletiser celebrated the winners of the Appletiser project for the second-year Marketing Management students.
As part of the practical project on second-year level, the Appletiser project required students to develop an on-premise marketing communication campaign involving sales promotions, experiential marketing and social media. In addition, students had to develop a trade-oriented sales promotion strategy with the purpose of motivating and enticing the different on-premise channel members (e.g. managers, waiters and/or waitresses) to sell the group’s suggested sales promotion idea. Three target markets were identified for this particular project and students had to choose between students, young professionals or young families – all between the ages 18 and 35 – to focus their campaign on.  
In completing this project, the second-year students had to submit four assignments throughout the course of the semester. The fourth and final assignment brought all the different elements together and students were given the opportunity to present their final on-premise marketing communication campaign to a panel of judges on 2 November. The panel of judges consisted of the Marketing Management lecturers, as well as the Senior Brand Manager from Appletiser, Ms Serena Ramiah. Dressed for success and well-prepared, the student groups impressed the judges with their on-premise marketing communication ideas and their presentation skills. Students gave a great sigh of relief as the hard work for the UP-Appletiser project of 2017 drew to a close.
After all the hard work that the students, lecturers and Appletiser put into this project, it was only fitting to end this project with a prize-giving function. On the one hand to reward the students for their outstanding work, but also to congratulate and thank all the parties involved in making this project a success. The function was held on 14 November at the Exhibition Space in the Engineering Building on the Hatfield Campus. Neatly dressed and excited to hear who won the UP-Appletiser project for 2017, students arrived at the venue. Mr Thinkwell Ndhlovu, who lectured the module, acted as the MC for the morning and welcomed all present.
After the welcoming, Prof Yolanda Jordaan (Head: Department of Marketing Management at UP) addressed the students and explained the benefits that a practical project, like this one, holds for the students. She also thanked Appletiser for their continued support and commitment to this project. Prof Jordaan’s address was followed by a message from Ms Serena Ramiah, in which she congratulated the students on the way in which they addressed a challenging task, and also complimenting the students on the professional manner in which they presented their ideas on 2 November. The event also featured a PowerPoint presentation showing photos of some of the highlights throughout the project: from the first brainstorming class, to the “Brand the Box” activity, guest speakers and finally some fun photos taken after the exam presentations.
Time then came to announce the winners. Two spot prizes were awarded for the following categories:
  • Most exciting presentation, which was awarded to Ohana (Group 5)
  • Most improved group from the first assignment up until the final exam assignment, which went to Game of Marketing (Group 1)
Next up, the overall winners of the UP-Appletiser practical project were announced.  
  • Group 14, known as Concept Squad (consisting of Alica Brink, Marku Gouws, Ashton Murray, Altia Peenz, Heinrich Roux and Christopher Turner) came in third place with the on-premise marketing communication campaign “Celebrating summer with Appletiser”, targeting young professionals.
  • The second place went to Group 10, or rather #Hashtag, (consisting of Kiah Bouwer, Riëtte Grobler, Lauren Thom, Amber Tidbury, Jana van der Merwe and Wayne Wilson), who “painted the town gold” with their on-premise marketing communication campaign targeting students specifically.
  • Group 3, otherwise known as Famtisers (consisting of Melanie Duminy, Divan du Piesanie, Jancke Martins, Carmen Noeth, Estelle Theron and Jacqueline Voges) won the competition with their “Appletiser dares you” on-premise marketing communication campaign targeting young families specifically.
Congratulations to all the winning groups, we trust that you will enjoy your well-deserved prizes.
After awarding all the prizes, it was time to give the students the opportunity to share their experiences of the Appletiser project. One by one students got up and shared some valuable lessons learnt in terms of group work, managing time, networking with fellow students whom they have never met, improving their presentation skills and learning how to get back up when ideas were shot down by fellow group members. They also thanked the Department of Marketing Management for giving them the unique opportunity to work with industry partners on real-life challenges, as well as thanking Appletiser for their willingness to take a chance on them as second-year students.
Looking back at the UP-Appletiser project for 2017, one realises that there were many challenges throughout this project. Students had to work in an on-premise environment, which students only really know from a customer’s point of view, and in addition students had to work with different target markets that they are not yet part of or familiar with, especially the young professionals and young families. Despite these challenges, the students did an excellent job, and showed that they are ready to face the music in the real world of marketing. From the Department of Marketing Management’s side, the BEM 256 lecturing staff and the BEM 256 students, a heartfelt thank you to Appletiser for ending another successful collaborated project on a high note.
Winning group of the UP-Appletiser project for 2017
Back, from left to right: Divan du Piesanie, Carmen Noeth, Estelle Theron, Serena Ramiah (Appletiser), Jacqueline Voges
Front, from left to right: Melanie Duminy, Jancke Martins
The second-year Marketing Management class of 2017​
- Author Department of Marketing
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Winning group of the UP-Appletiser project for 2017