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Marketing Management students get “on top” of “on-premise channel”
23 November 2017

The second-year Marketing Management students are making good progress on their practical project for Appletiser, which forms part of their practical module. The purpose of the project is to develop a marketing communication strategy to increase awareness and sales for Appletiser within the on-premise channel. In order to do so, students need to have a better understanding of what the on-premise channel is and what it entails. Mr Martin Botha, an experienced customer and commercial leader at Coca-Cola with more than 10 years’ experience in the marketing field, shed some light on this on-premise topic during his guest lecture to the students on 30 August 2017.

Mr Botha defines the on-premise channel as any facility where a drink or a meal is consumed, outside of one’s home. This includes facilities such as restaurants, quick service restaurants and bars. When marketing Appletiser products specifically, the on-premise channel is a very lucrative environment to enter, as it offers valuable brand building capabilities for a brand such as Appletiser. In addition to painting a picture of what the on-premise channel in South Africa looks like, Mr Botha also explained some of the key global trends and developments, drivers of shopper behaviour in the on-premise channel and drivers and restraints of the fast-food industry, to give students a better understanding of the environment that they are dealing with.

Students listened attentively to Mr Botha’s presentation and asked a few challenging questions. Students are now tasked to take what they have learned about the on-premise channel, identify possible opportunities from within the on-premise channel and then develop marketing communication strategies for Appletiser that will creatively capitalise on some of these opportunities and trends that Mr Botha spoke about.

The second-year Marketing Management students and the Department of Marketing Management would like to thank Mr Martin Botha from Coca-Cola SA for his vey insightful presentation on the on-premise channel. He certainly equipped the students to deal with their Appletiser practical project in a more sensible and systematic way.  

Mr Martin Botha, food service and on-premise expert at Coca-Cola SA, sharing his knowledge and insight on the on-premise channel in South Africa with the marketing students.

Bragibbs Zungu (class representative) thanking Mr Botha for his presentation

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Bragibbs Zungu (class representative) thanking Mr Botha for his presentation