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The JuniorTukkie Progamme helps students to become effective in their overall development. All JuniorTukkie programmes are underpinned to strive for academic excellence and for students to become well-rounded individuals. We are proud of our JuniorTukkies for their unique spirit and how they excel, compete and ultimately be successful in what they do.  Using the knowledge and experience gained from the JT programmes, they even shine as leaders in UP residences.


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Herewith testimony from a JuniorTukkie, currently a resident of House Olympus, the male residence at the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Prinshof Campus:

“I am contacting you on behalf of House Olympus. I would firstly like to say that, as a JuniorTukkie from high school, I am truly thankful for the part you played in helping me have a smooth progress from high school to university. It would have been much harder for me to cope if I wasn't a part of this prestigious society known as JuniorTukkie. I am now in a leadership position at Olympus Residence and am still thriving in my third-year MBChB studies.”

George Varughese
HK of IT and Website, Sponsorships, and Multiculture
House Olympus

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