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On the JuniorTukkie APP you will receive relevant information on a consistent basis that will help you to make informed study and career choices. We communicate with everyone in the moment. The user-friendly information structure makes it easy for you to find the information you're looking for. You will receive information in different content formats and you'll be able to download additional information or watch a video that is relevant to the specific article.  The live streaming of events makes it possible for those who aren't able to attend events due to geographical location or limited venue space, to also receive first-hand information via the JT APP. 

Regular notifications are sent via the JT APP to assist prospective students with their study and career choices and with their transition from high school to university. The JT APP is available on Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. 

1.  Download the JT APP

Scan the QR code below; or follow the download instructions:



  1. Select the Apple App Store or Google Play Store from your APP menu
  2. Search for 'juniortukkie'.
  3. Click on the JuniorTukkie logo.
  4. Click on 'INSTALL'.
  5. Click on 'ACCEPT'.
  6. Click on 'OPEN'.
  7. Click on 'REGISTER'.
  8. Enter your details and click on 'REGISTER'.
  9. A verification code will be emailed to you from [email protected] Please note that the verification code will soon be replaced with a verification email.
  10. Enter the verification code and 'SUBMIT'. Ignore this step if you received an email where you had to confirm your email address.
  11. The JuniorTukkie shortcut (JT logo) will be added to cell phone on your home screen.   

   For detailed download instructions, please click here                                                         


2.  Evaluation Report

Click here for a Report on an opinion survey (2017) about the JT APP.



3.  Information structure of the JT APP

The JT APP has a 3-tier menu:

Main categories >Sub-categories > Articles













Any enquiries may be forwarded to [email protected]





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