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South Africa


South Africa is five times the size of Britain, about as large as Holland, Belgium, Italy, France and former West Germany combined. It stretches from the Limpopo River in the north to blustery Cape Agulhas, nearly 2 000 km (1 240 miles) to the South, from Namaqualand along the barren western seaboard 1 500 km (932 miles) to subtropical KwaZulu-Natal and the humid Indian Ocean coast: a total land area of 1.3 million km square (500 000 square miles). It is a land with remarkable diversity: variety and contrast are vividly evident in the bewildering mix of race and language, creed, colour and culture. The diversity is there, too, in the nature of the land; in its geological formations and regional climates; its mountains, plains and coasts; its rich farmlands; its bushveld scrub and arid deserts - each of the many different parts supporting its own distinctive plant and animal life.  Truly, a world in one country (Joyce, P. 1996. Traveller’s guide to South Africa).

South Africa is an extraordinarily beautiful country - its climate is good, the scenery magnificent, its beaches unspoiled, and there is a sophisticated infrastructure including a first-rate road system, good air links between all major centres and good telephone communications (Camerapix Publishers International 1996. Spectrum guide to South Africa).  The range of places to visit and things to do in South Africa is vast, so make sure you consult the following websites:  or


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