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Honours Programme 

The University's general regulations G.16 - G.29 are applicable, as well as the regulations of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (see Yearbook).

Our undergraduate programme leading to the degree BCom (Informatics) extends over three years. The honours course should be seen as a finishing fourth year of the undergraduate programme, containing material that is aimed at enhancing the technical background of students and broadening their horizons in respect of the information technology and information systems field.


 See the Brochure for details about the courses offered.


Administrative details & admission requirements (honours studies)

  1. A prospective student must be in possession of a BCom degree in Informatics/Information Systems/Business Information Systems.

  2. A student with an IT degree other than BCom (e.g. BSc(IT), BIS, BSc(IS)), who meets the requirement of 60% average for his/her IT majors, will be considered for the BCom Honours (Informatics) degree. However, he/she has to enrol for and pass the first year, first semester courses in Accounting (FRK111), Business Management (OBS110), Economics (EKN110) and Statistics (STK110), if these subjects were not part of the bachelor's degree. This holds also for students with a BCom which did not include those basic subjects.  It is a requirement of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences that students who register in this Faculty should have a basic academic background in these subjects.   It is not allowed for students to do these four subjects concurrently with the BCom  Hons (Informatics) degree. Therefore students must first register for Commerce Special and enroll for these 4 subjects (STK, OBS, EKN & FRK).  Only after passing these 4 subjects will students be allowed to apply for BCom Hons (INF).   Equivalent courses may also be done through Unisa. One can only apply for  BCom(Hons), MCom  degrees once you have  the credits for the above-mentioned basic subjects. 

  3. An attainment of at least 60% at third-year level (average of all the Informatics / relevant IT courses) is required.

  4. Students who have been enrolled at UP in the year preceding the honours study apply for admission to the honours course in Informatics only to Mrs Nellie Bahula. Students who are still waiting for results should also apply before 31 October and send in the results as soon as these become available.

  5. Students who have not been enrolled at UP in the year preceding the honours study, as well as students who have interrupted their studies, first have to apply for admission to the University of Pretoria at the Client Services Centre by means of mail, the web or over the counter, before 31 October. A fee is payable with the submission of the application form. Please attach a CV and complete academic record to your application. After being approved by the Faculty Administration your application will be forwarded to the Department for recommendation. Faculty Administration will inform the applicant in writing of the final result.

  6. International students must apply for admission before 31 July.  They have to provide proof of SAQA accreditation, and either TOEFL/IELTS results:


  7. Course presentation could be lecture-driven, discussion-driven, project-driven or a combination of these learning modes.
  8. Evaluation is conducted through assignments, an optional mid-term test and a formal examination.

  9. Examinations are moderated by academics/practitioners from outside this University.

  10. All students have to register online, once accepted.

  11. Please note that your semester mark may not be lower than 40% for you to be admitted to the exam. There is also a sub-minimum of 40% on the exam mark in order to pass. Your final mark should be at least 50% in order to pass the course. No supplementary exams or aegrotats will be granted.

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