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Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

MEM Philosophy
Globalisation, rapid change driven by technology and the ever-increasing customer demand forces companies to become extremely effective and efficient in order to stay in business. The increased complexity of technology strengthens the realisation that an enterprise cannot perform all required processes themselves, but need to (re)focus on core competencies. Coupled to this focus on core internal processes a strong partnering capability should be established. The creation of real value hence requires original thinking in terms of integrated products and services delivered to customers. Intelligent and efficient procurement of these technology based subsets of the final “solution to customers” becomes paramount. Innovation is hence not only the mastering of technology per se, but the identification and integration of tech-nologies across organisational boundaries.

The need for postgraduate education in engineering and technology management arises from the classic approach to undergraduate engineering education and specific industry requirements. Engineers are educated in a specific discipline such as electronic, mechanical, civil, industrial or computer engineering. Graduate engineers enter their careers primarily as specialists.
Within the first few years however, the engineer becomes increasingly involved in the management of the value creating process by which engineering systems, products and services are created. Hence, an in-depth understanding of the total engineering process and the total life-cycle of systems and related services is required. Resources to be acquired and integrated into the “final solution” by the engineering manager are typically tech-nology, people, money, facilities, equipment and information. All of these should be understood and managed within a business context.

Purpose of the MEM
The purpose of the MEM is to provide relevant management education to the practising engineer who is active in primarily technology based enterprises. The MEM is aimed at the engineer pursuing a career in general management or functional management. Where the traditional engineering disciplines focus mainly on technology, the programme is dedicated to the utilisation of technology in its broadest sense in the business environment (industry) for the creation of wealth at enterprise and national level. The career development needs of engineers after obtaining their Bachelors degree and a number of years experience are directly addressed.

The MEM is well-established in the Southern-African market. MEM focuses on the process of value creation, i.e. product and system development, production and operations and the maintenance of systems and related services within a business context. The question of strategically positioning the enterprise in terms of technological capability is paramount. The above mentioned study areas are the key factors which distinguish MEM from other postgraduate and business management degrees.

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