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LoveReach lifts campus spirits
20 February 2018

Students of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria staged an outreach, called LoveReach, on Valentine’s Day 2018.  Sixteen of them in total gathered together near the grass at the Aula Theatre and handed out sweets while making live music with a guitar, a violin and an accordion.

As people of faith, they wanted to spread love and lift the spirits of students on campus without using words but creating an atmosphere of caring by singing and smiling.  It was open to everyone, and gave those who participated an opportunity to live out the biblical learning they do in the classroom.

Over seven-hundred-and-forty sweets were handed out within an hour, and the students were surprised to receive something from a stranger.  This continues to be a growing project, and they even had a visit from Humanities chairperson, who decided to participate, opening up possibilities for future collaboration with other faculties.



- Author Charel du Toit
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