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The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences contributes substantially to the building of research and teaching capacity in South Africa.  It produces highly-skilled graduates and generates new scientific knowledge through our research publications. The Faculty is managed according to a decentralised model and presents a variety of study programmes.

All study programmes are designed to produce problem-solving individuals who can easily adapt to changing circumstances and take the lead in their fields of specialisation. The qualifications awarded are world class and provide access to many career opportunities for dynamic and creative people.

The Faculty also have world-renowned institutes and centres. Research groups with excellent research facilities are formed in various study fields, including two experimental farms.

The Faculty rates among the best science faculties in the country. A significant number of our scientists are evaluated internationally and, as a result, are acknowledged by the National Research Foundation (NRF) as researchers of high international standing (and in some cases, as world leaders in their fields). This ensures that our postgraduate students participate in research teams that can compete with the best in the world.

Close collaboration with industry and the private sector is a high priority to ensure that we meet the demands of our stakeholders. Working agreements with international universities within Africa and abroad enable research groups to interact with international peers in their respective fields.

The Faculty hosts 17 departments which are linked to many centres, institutes and units. More than 5 000 students register; 70% of our students are enrolled in undergraduate programmes and 30% in postgraduate programmes.

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