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Faculty of Law Teaching Award goes to Dr Carika Fritz in the Department of Mercantile Law
12 March 2018

Warm congratulations to Dr Carika Fritz in the Department of Mercantile Law on being the recipient of the University of Pretoria Faculty of Law Teaching Award for 2017.

The evaluators had high praise for Dr Fritz, and for the runner-up, Prof Steve Cornelius, Head of the Department of Private Law:

“Both candidates have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to their Teaching and Learning portfolios and both have used exciting and innovative means to attempt to both engage students and to stimulate a deeper learning in their modules. Both candidates must be strongly commended on their teaching innovations.”

Of Dr Fritz it was furthermore said "the teaching method is definitely an improvement on the traditional method of teaching. Especially the pre exam research assignment needs to be commended. Especially with regard to transformative constitutionalism and the socio-economic context the pre-exam research assignment is a very appropriate intervention. There is no doubt that the way in which the lectures are structured that higher order thinking is developed. This is done on a level appropriate to third year students.  The lecturer has made a stellar attempt to combine a variety of modes of instruction to keep the interest and attention of students. The combination of various teaching methods and modes of assessment is impressive”.

Of Prof Cornelius it was also said “the instructional classroom practise will benefit considerably from such practises. If this becomes the norm it will certainly contribute greatly to higher order thinking by the students. The method does promote a holistic and integrated approach to learning”.

The Faculty of Law thank you for your commitment to quality teaching and learning!

- Author Office of the Deputy Dean
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