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The University of Pretoria signed joint agreements with the Mpumalanga and North West Provinces, allowing students of the School to rotate through the Witbank and Jubilee Hospitals and exposing them to conditions in a secondary and a regional hospital. The satellite campuses at Witbank (Mpumalanga) and Hammanskraal (North-West Province) are important additions, which were not available before 1996. The Witbank Campus provides a secondary teaching platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The School of Medicine and the other schools of the Faculty are also involved in providing medical services to the Mpumalanga government.

All the Schools of the Faculty have written agreements with various international universities and faculties. More agreements are currently being negotiated. Such agreements lead to research collaboration, insight into the curricula of other schools and faculties, exchange programmes and visits by guest lecturers.

Public-private partnerships

The Faculty of Health Sciences is establishing partnerships to enhance local relevance and international competitiveness. Furthermore, to overcome funding limitations, it is often of mutual benefit to undertake projects or investigations in partnership with other faculties. The following are examples of public-private partnerships that have already proven successful and others that are currently being negotiated:

Medihelp Chair in Epidemiology

Using the skills and expertise available in the Faculty, the partnership is intended to render a service to the community. The objectives of the partnership include training, research and service to augment the hospital and disease management programmes.

Sponsorship by Netcare for Community-based Education:

This sponsorship led to the establishment of a Senior Specialist position in the Department of Community-based Education. The objective is to ensure that students are exposed sufficiently to community-based education in health, the treatment of diseases and healthcare delivery.

Urology Hospital:

The School has entered into a partnership agreement with the private Urology Hospital for specialised training of medical students.


In 2001, a cooperation agreement was signed with A van der Merwe Inc. (AVDM) for the training of students from the School and UP's Department of Communication Pathology at AVDM's Ear Institutes in Pretoria, Durban and at Tygerberg Hospital. The agreement provides for training in various specialised fields.


The School of Health Systems and Public Health received a substantial grant from the American Rockefeller Foundation to prepare a database of advanced public health training in Africa. Under the name of AfriHealth this project is Phase 1 in a 10-year global effort to build capacity in public health in developing countries in general, and in Africa in particular.

The School also received a two-year planning grant from the Fogarty International Centre of the National Institutes of Health to develop a comprehensive proposal to offer advanced training in health research ethics to scientists from Africa. This is a collaborative effort with several schools and departments within the University, and with the School of Psychology, University of Natal, and Bioethics Institute at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

In 1999, a partnership agreement was signed with the Prime Cure Clinic Group for the promotion of primary health care. This group is a private organisation that manages comprehensive primary care clinics in communities. The organisation donated an amount of R130 000 for three years to the School of Health Systems and Public Health to train the group's Public Health Care (PHC) nursing staff, as well as other PHC nursing professionals.

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