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Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies in the School of Medicine cover all categories from diplomas up to doctoral level, while postgraduate short courses and seminars for compliance with the requirements of Continued Professional Development (CPD) are also well attended.

It also includes a postgraduate diploma in Family Medicine that can be obtained through distance education.

In the School of Healthcare Sciences, for example, more thanf 25 specialising fields are presented, sufficiently addressing the need for postgraduate training.

The School of Dentistry offers 12 postgraduate diplomas in Dentistry and four postgraduate degrees.

The School of Health Systems and Public Health (SHSPH) offers flexible and multidisciplinary postgraduate programmes to doctors, dentists, nurses and any other professional whose work impacts on health. The offering comprises 8 postgraduate diplomas, 4 MSc programmes, a Master's in Medicine, a MPH and a PhD degree, all of which use the same core of modular teaching that was developed to rationalise teaching time and minimise duplication.

Details regarding the postgraduate courses can be found on the respective School's sites. 

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