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The Faculty of Health Sciences has a long and proud tradition of excellence in the education of health care professionals.  Quality is at the heart of the Faculty’s commitment to a deep culture of both teaching and learning.  Our curricula and teaching methods are constantly updated to ensure that we keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing world. High standards and innovative approaches to learning enhance the ability of our graduates to deal with complexity and to solve problems.  

Our teaching venues, laboratories, skills training units, IT facilities, residences and teaching hospitals and clinics are constantly being upgraded and are currently in the process of being expanded. This is to accommodate an increased number of students in response to national demands for more appropriately trained graduates to meet the health care needs of the country. Students learn through practice in hospitals, clinics and community projects. 

Students in Health Sciences also have opportunities for a full and balanced university experience with access to the social, sporting, cultural, leadership and community outreach activities that contribute to ensuring that our graduates leave as competent, responsible and caring health professionals.  

We look forward to welcoming our new students to the Faculty.

Click on the links provided below or in the column to the left for more information regarding:

* 2018 Official start of the academic year

* 2018 General information for first year students

* Online Registration - Brochure Fees 2018

Click on the links provided below or in the column to the left for more information regarding the Academic Programmes offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences at UP.

Undergraduate Studies
Postgraduate Studies

Alternatively, please click on the link below to access "What to Study" 

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