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The National Research Foundation (NRF) Ratings

EBIT's recent NRF-rated researchers


A2 rated

Prof Jusua Meyer 



Prof David Limebeer


Prof Walter Focke



Prof Wimpie Odendaal



Prof Johan Joubert

C1- rated

Prof Chrisna du Plessis



Prof Leon Pretorius


C1- rated

Prof Elsabe Kearsley

C2- rated

Prof Tania Hanekom



Prof Ken Craig



Prof K Landman

C2- rated

Prof S Grune


Dr Marne de Vries



Dr Marita Turpin


2017 NRF - rated researchers

Prof AS Alfa: NRF B-rated

Research focus:

- South  African Research Chair (SARChI) in Advanced Sensor Networks

- Mathematical modelling of communication systems, with specific emphasis on wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)



EBIT hosts a strong cohort of NRF-rated researchers, including two NRF A-rated researchers, Prof A Engelbrecht and Prof X Xia. Recently, 14 more exceptional researchers 

joined the ranks in 2017.

Prof PS Heyns: NRF B-rated

Research focus:

- Structural  Dynamics Vibrations

Prof J Amadi-Echendu: NRF C - rated



Research focus:

- Engineering asset management and technology commercialisation

Prof E Chirwa: NRF C-rated

Research focus:

- Sedibeng Water Chair in Water Utilisation Engineering

- Biological remediation of toxic organic and inorganic pollutants in water

- Nutrient removal processes

- Remediation of radioactive elements from the environment

- Rural water resources development

Dr I Breed: NRF C-rated

Research focus:

- Open space design and how it relates to natural and cultural contextual issues and identity

- Importance of the landscape design as part of green infrastructure, urban ecology and social-ecological resilience

Prof C de Villiers: NRF C-rated

Research focus:

- Teaching of Information Systems

- IT for development

- Flexible learning environments for the teaching of computer literacy

Prof A Garbers-Craig: NRF C-rated

Research focus: 

- Anglo American Chair in  Pyrometallurgy

- Pyrometallurgy

- Refractory materials

- Iron ore agglomeration

Prof JW Joubert: NRF rated

Research focus:

- Freight behaviour modelling

- Multi-agent transport simulations

- Complex networks as applied to the connectivity of people and firms

- Data science and its application to mobility

Prof JAG Malherbe: NRF C-rated

Research focus: -Electromagnetics

- Dielectric waveguides

- Micowave circuits

- Antennas

Prof M Sharifpur: NRF C-rated

Research focus:

- Thermal fluid behaviour and the stability of nanofluids

- Improvement of heat transfer by nanofluids

- Convective multiphase flow

- Computational fluid dynamics

Prof WE Stumpf: NRF: C-rated

Research focus:

- Microstructural development and phase changes in hot working and heat treatments of carbon steels, low-alloy steels and stainless steels, and how these relate to their physical and mechanical properties

Dr H Badenhorst: NRF Y-rated

Research focus:

- Developing novel materials for energy applications, including high thermal conductivity graphite nanoplatelets and aerogels that allow rapid energy storage and retrieval from phase change materials which hold promise for continuous energy supply from solar resources

Dr J Grober: NRF Y-rated

Research focus:

- Multi-method optimisation algorithms

- Multi-objective and supply chain optimisation

- Swarm intelligence

- Scheduling

Dr WG le Roux: NRF Y-rated

Research focus:

- Solar energy conversion (thermodynamics and thermal engineering)

- Solar dish collector systems

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