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In the undergraduate programme, one of the innovations is to dramatically increase the amount of time spent by pre-service teachers on the school-site under the mentorship of highly competent mentor teachers who are trained and supported by the University. This model of learning to teach through on-site observation and practice (rather than through extended periods of theoretical training) has given our students a definite advantage in the market with the result that all of them find placement in schools well ahead of completion of their studies.

In the postgraduate programme, the Faculty has sharply increased selectivity into our master's and PhD programmes to ensure that the quality of research and the culture of research is built around a group of highly motivated and highly intelligent students who would make a major national and international contributions in their fields of professional endeavour.

Students entering study at any level will therefore find a competitive but supportive environment in which every student is taken seriously and competently prepared to excel as a professional in any part of the world.

The Faculty prepares pre-service students for teaching, using the new national curriculum, from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. Specialisations include science, mathematics and technology education; early childhood education; arts, languages and human movement studies education; social studies; and many more. Students are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of cultural, physical and social activities (including music, sport and dramatic performances) that ensure a much broader education than what is offered in the lecture halls and laboratories.

The Faculty prepares education and training professionals who come from pre-primary, primary and high schools; clinics and hospitals; the training environment in business and industry; government and non-governmental organisations; and from the adult and community education sectors. Students can pursue advanced studies in education law and policy, computer integrated education, alternative and augmentative education, and curriculum and assessment design – to mention but a few. Students in this Faculty benefit from a strong library with one of the most comprehensive collection of research journals in education; a well-equipped Postgraduate Research Centre, and programmed opportunities (such as the Annual Postgraduate Student Research Indaba) for presenting and defending emerging student research.

- Author Annalize Brynard
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