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Policies and procedures to ensure legal and ethical behaviour across all stakeholders

The University of Pretoria has a number of policies and procedure and procedures to promote and enforce ethical and professional conduct. All policies are published on the University of Pretoria website. These are:
a)  Code of Conduct: Business Practices for Staff
b)  Disciplinary Code: Students
c)  Institutional Compliance Policy
d)  Disciplinary Code and Procedure: Staff
e)  Code of Conduct Applicable to Personal Relationships between Employees and Students
f)  Gifts to Employees Policy
g)  Induction Training
h)  Policy on Nepotism
i)  Whistle-blowers' Policy
j)  Fraud Policy and Response Plan
k)  Procurement Policy
l)  Procurement Procedures
m)  Internal Audit Charter
n)  Internal Audit Policy
o)  Code of Ethics for Scholarly Activities
p)  Code of Ethics for Research
q)  Policy and Procedures for Responsible Research
r)  Outside Work Policy: Academic Staff
s)  Outside Work Policy: Non-academic Staff
t)  Environmental Policy
u)  Memorandum of Agreement: Environmental Management
v)  Anti-Discrimination Policy (drafting in process, not attached)

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