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After photogrammetry - a process deriving 3D geometry from a collection of 2D images - has been performed on the photographs of the UAV, interactive digital twins are generated.  This provides a digized copy of the construction site at a particular point in time, assisting the engineers, architects and quantity surveyors in various aspects.


13 September 2018

Earthworks nearing completion for the first phase of construction.  The in-situ material was excavated and stockpiled for later reuse.  Suitable material was trucked in and compacted to a suitable density.


25 July 2018

The construction site the week prior to the commencement of mass earthworks and the construction of temporary gravel roads.  With ecological sensitivity one of the primary design criteria, the vegetation is included in the model to quantify the changes in the surrounding flora during the construction process.  More than 90% of the in-situ fauna is retained - for every tree that is removed, three more will be planted.

- Author André Broekman
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