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Brown bag workshops

The Office for Research Support hosts periodic lunchtime seminars on research-related topics.  These seminars are presented by researchers from our own academic ranks, as well as visiting scholars.

The following Brown bag seminars were hosted in 2017:




8 February

Prof Jim Walsh

(University of Michigan, USA)

Having a scholarly impact

[For junior researchers]

15 February

Prof Jim Walsh

(University of Michigan, USA)

The state of the Academic Profession

[For senior researchers]

25 May

Prof Elmar Venter

(Department of Accounting)

The Economic Consequences Associated with Integrated Report Quality: Capital Market and Real Effects

8 June

Prof Don Kluemper

(University of Illinois, Chicago)

How leaders perceive employee deviance:

Excusing favourites while blaming victims

10 August

Dr Christine McGladdery

(Former doctoral student)

Like-minded schools steeped in the British public schooling system: the problem with international exchanges

21 September

Prof Rangan Gupta (Department of Economics)

Achieving Excellence in Research Outputs

27/28 September

Mr Marcel Deysel

(Office for Research Support)

Roles and Responsibilities: Postgraduate Administrative Processes

10 October

Prof Lisa Marriott

(Victoria University,

New Zealand)

Survey Design and Application: Using the survey method to study attitudes

26 October

Prof Elmar Venter

(Department of Accounting)

Dr Marthi Pohl

(Statistical consultant)

Opening our eyes to secondary data and on-line research resources

2 November

Prof Arien Strasheim

(Department of Human Resource Management)

A bird’s eye view of statistical methods for

management researchers

23 November

Prof Verena Dorner

(Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Germany)

An Introduction to Experimental Design


Watch this space for 2018 topics and dates.


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