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Services offered 

The following services are offered to staff members of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences by the Office for Research Support:

Research advice

The Office provides advice about and assistance with research design and methodology in order to ensure that the proposed research investigation is designed to address the research objectives within resource limitations as efficiently as possible. It also identifies best practices for data management prior to the start of data collection, connects researchers to research resources and identifies suitable statistical methods that will address study objectives.

Data analysis

The Office provides advice and referral for quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Statistical support services are coordinated by the Office.

Questionnaire design and administration

The Office assists with questionnaire development and online survey design and administration through the services of a statistical expert. 

Library/information search assistance

Assistance with literature searches through the services of a librarian and postgraduate student research assistants. 

Development of research skills

An annual series of training workshops and seminars will be offered on various research topics as well as advances in research methodology.

Information services on:

  • the EMS Journal Ranking and Department of Education lists;
  • UP funding opportunities and external funding opportunities;
  • the NRF rating application process.

Although the Office strives to perform its services to the highest quality and reliability possible, it does not perform statistical analyses as this work is directed to statistical experts.

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