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 Strategic Goals And Vision


The strategic objective of Community Engagement at the University of Pretoria is to enhance and exchange knowledge, skills and expertise in a collaborative manner between the University and society by:

  • Establishing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating sustainable quality co-operative partnerships with communities and relevant service sectors, resulting in the sustainable improvement in quality of life and empowerment of the community concerned, as well as society in general.
  • Integrating all forms of Community Engagement within the teaching, learning and research activities of the University.
  • Nurturing existing, and the promotion of new, Community Engagement initiatives.


Community engagement by the Faculty of Veterinary Science is embedded in the overall vision statement of the University of Pretoria which states that the University of Pretoria is committed to discharging its social responsibilities. 


The vision statement of the Faculty of Veterinary Science states inter alia that “We strive to be globally competitive, regionally pre-eminent and locally relevant. Through extensive networking and partnerships, we provide an effective veterinary interface to Africa”. The Faculty aims to be socially responsive to the needs and assets of communities by incorporating community engagement in to teaching, learning, postgraduate studies and research to the mutual benefit of communities, students and the Faculty.


At the Faculty of Veterinary Science, engagement with communities aims to be holistic, collaborative and sustainable, resulting ultimately in their empowerment. Students benefit by receiving the opportunity to interact with professionals and farmers working in developing communities and to learn important communication skills with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The contact made by students with developing communities must lead to research and services targeted at the veterinary needs of such communities.

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