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Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is important to keep staff informed of news, activities/projects and developments, and to share the University's objectives and values. The Internal Communication office works to establish two-way communication with staff, and maintain and review communication channels across the University.

The Communication team also supports strategic projects, and other initiatives, by developing and delivering communication to the University community.
For us, the purpose of internal communication is threefold:
  • to increase employee, student and alumni knowledge of the excellence of UP people and programmes, so they can be advocates for the University;
  • to improve access to news and information needed for efficient and effective work; and
  • to enhance employee, student and alumni loyalty to the University.
The University employs a number of internal communication tools and channels to reach these audiences, including bulk sms’s to students, print and digital newsletters to staff, campus-wide emails, notices and news on the staff and student portals, and campus communication platforms such as electronic boards and posters.

Please contact us if you have a planned staff engagement programme where we can be of support and assistance.

Jimmy Masombuka
Internal Communications Specialist
Tel: 012 420 4839
Email: [email protected]


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