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Vision and Mission of the Division


The Division of Biochemistry strives to be

  • one of the premier science divisions in the university, the region and the country on the basis of high quality internationally recognized and locally relevant research and teaching
  • a division where staff members make a tangible impact on biochemical science education on both under graduate and post graduate level because of their enjoyment of their work environment and their love for their field of expertise
  • the division where post graduate projects and research plans attract dedicated, inquisitive students who choose this department for their training because of its reputation for excellence and its ability to deliver critical thinkers and productive young scientists in a timely manner
  • values driven, entrepreneurial and trend setting in its endeavours to improve the quality of life through training in state of the art technology

Values: We strive to be

  • accountable and responsible in leadership
  • supportive and accommodative towards students
  • ethical in research and teaching
  • caring in the work environment
  • diligent in our commitment to our mission

Entrepreneurial: Taking into consideration that we are employed in the biggest and most diverse university in the country, our intent is to

  • optimally exploit the opportunities provided by the diversity of available expertise and facilities
  • be entrepreneurial by finding and further exploiting solutions to apparent problems

Trend setting: We aim to

  • be a leader in the discipline


In line with the mission of the University of Pretoria and the rich interdisciplinary environment that it provides, the Division of Biochemistry is committed to

  • providing cutting edge biochemical education
  • achieving research excellence by investigating solutions to real-world problems utilizing all areas of modern biochemistry
  • improving the quality of life through holistic teaching and research.
  • producing sought after products of research and training including human resources, high impact publications and viable patents


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