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Dr M Keith

Teaching focus: Scientific methodology and Wildlife Ecology at BSc Honours Wildlife Management, Wildlife Science, and Biomes of South Africa (second-year Animal Science).

Current Research focus: My research is focused around how wildlife species and wildlife communities respond to land use, land-use change and management decisions. Currently, my research focus is structured around how small mammals (rodents, shrew and bat communities) are assembled and respond in different grassland and savanna areas of South Africa, and how land-use practices effect these assemblages. I also supervise students' research in space use by larger mammal species in conservation and transformed areas.

Community outreach:

Council member of the Zoological Society of South Africa.

Membership: South African Wildlife Management Association

American Society of Mammalogy

Publications 2017

Swanepoel, L., Swanepoel, C., Brown, P., Eiseb, S., Goodman, S. Keith, M. Kirsten, F., Leirs, H. Mahlaba, T. et al. 2017. A systematic review of rodent pest research in Afro-Malagasy small-holder farming systems: Are we asking the right questions? PLOS ONE 12(3) p. e0174554

Kearny, T., Keith, M., & Seamark, E. 2017. New records of bat species occupying Gatkop Cave in the maternal season. Mammalia 81(1) 41-48. DOI 10.1515/mammalia-2015-0043

Karczmarski, L., Huang, S.-L., Wong, W.-H., Chang, W.-L., Chan, S.C.Y., Keith, M2016. Distribution of a coastal delphinid under the impact of long-term habitat loss: Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins off Taiwan’s west coast.Estuaries and Coasts 40: 594-603. doi:10.1007/s12237-016-0146-5.

Atkins, S., Cantor, M., Pillay, N. Cliff, G., Keith, M., Parra, G.J. 2016. Net loss of endangered humpback dolphins: integrating residency, site fidelity and bycatch in shark nets. Marine Ecology Progress Series 555: 249–260.

Labuschagne, L, Keith, M., Taylor, P.J., Balmain, S. and Swanepoel, L.H. 2016.Are avian predators effective biological control agents for rodent pest management in agricultural systems? Biological Control 101:94-102.

Smith, A., Schoeman, M.C., Keith, M, Erasmus, B.F.N., Monadjem, A., Moilanen, A., Di Minin, E. 2016. Synergistic effects of climate and land-use change drive declines in African bats. Ecological Indicators 69:276-283.

Karczmarski, L., Huang, S-L., Or, C.K.M., Gui, D., Chan, S.C.Y., Lin, W., Porter, L., Wong, H-O., Zheng, R., Ho, Y-W. Chui, S.Y.S., Tiongson, A.J.C., Mo, Y., Chang, W-L., Kwok, J.W.H, Tang, RWK, Lee, ADT, Yiu, SW, Keith, M., Gailey, G., Wu, Y. 2016. Humpback Dolphins in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: Status, Threats and Conservation Challenges. Advances in Marine Biology72(2): 27-64.

Tel: +27 12 420 2569

Email: [email protected]

Centre of Wildlife Management Room 2-9

Experimental farm

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