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Be part of a trip into South Africa’s nuclear hub
1 September 2015

The AESOP 3D imaging Workshop in October will take you to the hub of nuclear energy and radiation science activities in South Africa. The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation, Necsa, is a state-owned company responsible for research and development in the field of nuclear energy and radiation science. Necsa also processes and stores nuclear material and other restricted material; and co-ordinates with other organisations in matters falling within these spheres. Necsa is situated at Pelindaba, 35kms west of Pretoria.

The Workshop will include an excursion to Necsa’s Radiation Science Department which is recognized by both the national and international science communities for its leadership role in neutron and X-ray beam line science, research outputs in nuclear and radiation science and technology. It also offers expert support in radiation and nuclear projects of socio-economic value.

Necsa houses the country’s only nuclear research reactor, SAFARI-1, which is the most commercialised nuclear reactor in the world. SAFARI-1 provides products and services both locally and internationally to various industrial and institutional sectors, proving that nuclear technology does indeed offer many beneficial applications.

One such example is in the important research area of nuclear medicine. Necsa’s SAFARI-1 is Africa’s largest producer of a range of medical isotopes that are used for diagnostic purposes. This nuclear research reactor provides medical isotopes which have benefitted millions of people receiving cancer treatment.

Because heritage studies are such an internationally recognised area of South African expertise, a core focus area of the Radiation Science Department is to render research support, making several of its radiation beam line research instruments and facilities available to researchers and post graduate students. Since hosting the only neutron tomography facility, known as SANRAD, and complement it with a micro-focus X-ray tomography facility, called MIXRAD, in South Africa, Necsa became a world leader within the nuclear, geosciences, palaeo-sciences, civil-engineering research communities. Attendees of the Workshop will be exposed to some of these state-of-the-art instruments and facilities.

This AESOP excursion will showcase some of the many interesting and important research areas Necsa supports within the National System of Innovation. It allows researchers insight into the hidden secrets of the cultural heritage community of South Africa and especially in the specialised research fields of anatomy and palaeosciences.   

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SAFARI-1: Nuclear Research Reactor