Postgraduate - Preparation and Submission Instructions for Research Proposals, Dissertations and Theses

1. Preparation instructions

1.1 General guidelines

Information for Preparation of Research Proposals, Masters Dissertations and PhD Theses (last updated on 2 May 2017)

1.2 Templates

  • Research Proposal: MEng/PhD (for students who did not complete EIN732 within the last year) LaTeX or Word (last updated on 14 June 2017)
  • Research Proposal: MEng (for students who completed EIN732 within the last year) LaTeX or Word (last updated on 14 June 2017)
  • Dissertation/Thesis LaTeX or Word. Note that the LaTeX template may be more robust, and that the appearance of the Word template may depend on the version of Word that you are using. For checking purposes please see the PDF of the Word template (last updated on 24 November 2017).

1.3 Guidelines to the prescribed referencing formats

  • IEEE: The latest IEEE Transactions bibliography style should generally be used and examples of how various types of references should be typeset can be found in the references section of the example article. The style files can be obtained from the IEEE Article Templates and Instructions site. For LaTeX please ensure you are using a recent installation, which should already include the latest IEEE bibliography style. 
  • Harvard

1.4 Turnitin plagiarism checking

  • All proposals, dissertations and theses need to be checked for plagiarism.
  • Use the links on ClickUP (EECE Masters or EECE PhD) which you can use to check your work on a continuous basis.
  • A final submission should be done before uploading your final dissertation/thesis for evaluation.  Use the FINAL SUBMISSION option under the above link.
  • The digital receipt that is emailed to you should be uploaded along with your thesis/dissertation (see 3.1). 

1.5 Copyright permission

In the past, the UP library applied for copyright permission on behalf of MEng and PhD candidates who chose to directly copy figures and/or other material from copyrighted sources. This service has now terminated, and for dissertations/theses submitted for internal evaluation from 2 May 2017 onwards, candidates will be responsible themselves for applying for permission.

The departmental recommendation is that candidates refrain as far as possible from directly copying figures and/or other material from copyrighted sources, and that they rather cite such materials where necessary.

If candidates consider it essential that material be copied directly, the following apply:

  1. Candidates themselves are fully responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions, keeping in mind the possibility of legal repercussions in the event that permissions are not obtained. It is recommended that candidates permanently file documentary evidence of copyright permissions that are obtained.
  2. When the dissertation/thesis is submitted for internal evaluation, supervisors will be asked to declare that they are satisfied that the appropriate permissions have been obtained (by signing Part B of the Submission Form for Internal Evaluation: Dissertations and Theses).
  3. Candidates are encouraged to contact publishers directly for directions on how to apply for permission to copy from their journals or other products. Candidates may also contact Ms Lesego Makhafola at the library ([email protected]) regarding information on web sites where applications can be submitted. Step-by-step guides will be made available by the library.
  4. In view of the vast array of source materials/publishers candidates might wish to copy from, the Postgraduate Committee will not be able to give advice on copyright permission applications.
  5. During the internal evaluation process, the Postgraduate Committee will rely solely on the recommendation of the supervisor – see (2) above – in deciding whether the dissertation/thesis is satisfactory with respect to permissions obtained for copyrighted material.
  6. Copyrighted material must be properly cited in the dissertation/thesis, even though permission to copy has been obtained - Consult Section 3 of Information for Preparation of Research Proposals, Masters Dissertations and PhD Theses.
  7. Note that the IEEE does not require that permission be obtained for using portions (e.g., figures) of copyrighted papers in dissertations and theses. Such material must however be appropriately cited - Consult Section 3 of Information for Preparation of Research Proposals, Masters Dissertations and PhD Theses.

General information on copyright may be obtained from the UP library website.

2. Submission instructions for candidates: research proposals

Research proposals for dissertations (paper copies) should be handed in with Mrs Gous not later than 4 months after registration.  For theses, research  proposals (hard copies) should be handed in not later than 6 months after registration. 

3. Submission instructions for candidates: Dissertations/Theses

3.1 Steps to be followed for internal evaluation

We are currently experiencing problems with the on-line submission system.  For the interim, please send all required documents to me via mail at [email protected] .  

Please upload an electronic copy (PDF) of your dissertation/thesis, along with the following documents, here:

Note that the system will not allow you to upload individual documents at different times, i.e., all documents have to be uploaded during the same session.

Feedback from the internal evaluation process is usually provided within 5 working days after the upload of documents (this applies to revisions as well).

3.2 Steps to be to be followed for external examination

After successful revision of your dissertation/thesis according to the recommendations from the internal evaluation, the Postgraduate Committee will inform you in writing that your dissertation/thesis may be submitted for external examination, and provide you with the Faculty submission form. 

  1. Have the form signed by all relevant parties and return it in paper format to Mrs Gous, along with one ring-bound paper copy of your dissertation/thesis.

  2. Send an electronic copy of your dissertation/thesis to Mrs Gous.

4. Required from supervisors: dissertations/theses

4.1   The following form must be submitted to Mrs Heleen Gous:

Proposals with regard to titles of theses/dissertations, supervisors and external examiners (updated 14 June 2017)

4.2  You are required to review the interactive plagiarism report generated for the dissertation/thesis of your student, and then complete Part B of the Submission Form for Interval Evaluation: Dissertations and Theses (see 3.1).

To access the report, do the following:

  1. Log in to clickUP
  2. Under clickUP Courses, click on EECE Masters 2017 or EECE PhD 2017
  3. Under Dissertation (FINAL SUBMISSION) or Thesis (FINAL SUBMISSION), click on View/Complete
  4. In the top right corner of the current page, click on Messages
  5. In the top left corner of the (newly opened) current page, click on Assignment Inbox
  6. Find the name of your student / document in the list. Click on the coloured block next to the similarity score (SIMILARITY column) for your student’s document to view the interactive plagiarism report.

5. Important dates

Please click here for important dates

6. Additional resources and information

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