Women in Engineering

From the viewpoint of a lady in engineering…

In contrast to what many people believe, engineering is an excellent occupation for a lady. Engineering is for the independent, creative and intelligent person who wish to contribute in a constructive manner to the development of our country and the community. Ladies have a responsibility and a very important role to play in this development process.

Why would a lady choose engineering as an occupation?

  • Engineering is exciting! For the engineer the whole world is one big toy box. The engineer is forever busy to explore and find out how and why things work. An even bigger challenge is to find and invent applications for this ever-increasing, new-found knowledge.
  • Ladies are naturally creative. Engineering is creative too and provides the opportunity to apply this quality of character in service of our country and the community.
  • Engineering provides independence. Women in engineering can very easily practice businesses from home or do consultation work for outside firms at home. Engineering therefore creates entrepreneurs.
  • Engineering is intellectually stimulating. Engineering is not a “grease monkey” job. On the contrary, engineers find practical solutions for problems by making use of tools from the natural sciences (for example mathematics and physics). And who said a lady cannot operate a soldering iron if the need arises?
  • Engineering provides a high income potential. Engineering provides a business owner the opportunity to earn a high income. Additionally, it provides opportunities to invest in our country's social and economic development by creating jobs and prosperity.

Not convinced yet? Contact one of the lady-engineers in the Department:

Published by Hans Grobler

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