RAG 2020

Posted on February 12, 2020

RAG 2020

The events that I had were RAG Week and RAG of Hope Day. RAG Week took place from the 3rd to the 7th of February 2020, while RAG of Hope Day was to take place on the 8th of February 2020. This year for RAG we have been partnered with Stars Mentorship and at such we were working together during RAG Week. Our partnership name is the StarCendents. In terms of the making of the crafts the EC from both structures took part in the making of crafts which we were going to sell during RAG of Hope Day. The theme was the “The Tree of life” at such our crafts were centred around the theme. Then our partnership theme was “Together we can”. There was no particular programme for RAG week however, we split the week according to the easiest craft which we were making.

The crafts that we were making were self-watering pot plants with sludge cups and pump bottles, and string, and then the other products which we made were stationary holders made from tin cans. On Monday the third we made the first prototype for the pot plants, we collectively collected pump bottles, sludge cups and 2L of coca cola bottles. We finished making the pot plants on Wednesday, by painting them and decorating them. Thursday, we made stationary holders from tin cans and also had them painted using different colours that embraced the diversity within “StarCendents”. The Friday we made our banner which highlighted the RAG theme. The banner was of a tree, with different shades of green. The making of the banner was the highlight of RAG week because we made the tree without hands and it showed so much teamwork. Though with a progressive RAG week, the main event RAG of Hope Day did not take place. Although we had setup for the event.

- Author Lesiba Moshoeu
Published by Singita Chauke

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