Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision of the UP Diabetes Research Centre

Our vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognised leader in diabetes translational research, ultimately aspiring to better the lives of people living with diabetes.



Mission  of the UP Diabetes Research Centre

The UP Diabetes Research Centre will strive to:

1. Create an environment that enables and supports world-class transdisciplinary research in diabetes collaborating with various other Departments, Faculties, and Institutions.

2. Catalyse and promote diabetes research and innovations through multidisciplinary collaborations and strategic partnerships.

3. Translate new knowledge into improved diabetes care, management, and prevention.

4. Provide practical and up-to-date training for the management of diabetes to healthcare professionals.

5. Advocate for sustainable, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and person-centred care for people with diabetes.



Objectives  of the UP Diabetes Research Centre

The UP Diabetes Research Centre aims to:

1. Establish an inter-departmental (including inter-faculty) collaborative structure that will optimise diabetes research efforts across academic departments.

2. Engage communities, promote awareness, and conduct research that reflects issues and needs of people living with diabetes.

3. Advise policy makers on sustainable cost-effective options for optimal diabetes management and control.

4. Provide technical assistance to the South African National Department of Health in their efforts to combat NCDs, especially diabetes.

5. Develop human capital through education and training.

6. Promote national and international networks with relevant partners.

- Author P Ngassa Piotie
Published by Patrick Ngassa Piotie

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