History of the Department

In 2004 the Department of Security Services engaged with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the Department of Correctional Services, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and local businesses to promote the social upliftment of the Hatfield Area. Amongst the measures that were put in place as part of the City Improvement District (CID) Programme were additional street lighting, extra parking and closed-circuit monitoring cameras at the women’s residences. The Hatfield Community Court was established on 7 April 2004. The chairperson of the steering committee of the Hatfield Community Court acknowledged the role of the University of Pretoria as the prime instigator for the establishment of the court and for supplying computers and Jutastat, providing legal aid and improved cooperation with SAPS Forensic Library.

The Green Route was established to improve safety on the UP Campuses.

​In August 2009, the University of Pretoria improved its safety and security with the establishment of a new Operational Management Centre, which serves as the hub of the Department of Security Services. This centre has advanced electronic surveillance equipment that contributes significantly to the safety of students, staff and visitors that enter the University’s premises each day.

On 2016-01-20, the University of Pretoria approved the insourcing of all Fidelity Security Services employees in accordance with Section 197 of the Labour Relations Act and a  total of 615 security officers and managers were subsequently incorporated into the University staff. The UP Legal Division and Price Waterhouse Coopers facilitated this process and ensured that due diligence was accomplished. 

A new structure and management model that restructured the Department into two divisions, namely Operations and Operational Support, was approved by the Executive and two new Deputy Directors were appointed to oversee the two divisions.

A process of harmonisation is currently in progress to ensure the effective alignment of the old UP staff members and the newly insourced staff members.


Published by Linda-Louise Meyer

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