Oluyimika‬ ‭Yanmife Adetola


Consumer and Food Sciences


PhD Nutrition

Iron and zinc and other mineral bioaccessibility improvement in African cereal-based porridges by food-to-food fortification

For my PhD research I studied the effect of food-to-food fortification of African-type cereal porridges with mineral-rich and organic acid-rich plant foods, moringa leaves and baobab fruit, which are widely available in tropical Africa, on essential mineral bioaccessibility using in vitro assay for bioavailability.  Moringa, despite it being high in iron, had a negative effect on iron and zinc bioaccessibility, most likely due to its high content of calcium, which forms non-available complexes with iron/zinc and phytate.  In contrast, baobab strongly improved iron bioaccessibility, especially in the presence of added iron due to baobab fruit being high in ascorbic and citric acids, which are promoters of iron bioavailability.  Food-to-food fortification of staple cereal foods with baobab fruit could complement other micronutrient interventions to alleviate dietary essential mineral deficiencies in rural Africa.


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  • Prof JRN Taylor
  • Dr J Kruger
  • Dr Z White


  • Member, Nutrition Society of South Africa
  • Member, American Society for Nutrition
  • Member, Canadian Nutrition Society
  • Member, Dietitian Association of Nigeria (DAN)
  • Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN)
  • South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST)


  • Adetola, O.Y., Onabanjo, O.O. & Stark, A.H. (2020) The search for sustainable solutions: producing a sweet potato based complementary food rich in vitamin A, zinc and iron for infants in developing countries. Scientific African, 8. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sciaf.2020.e00363  
  • Adetola, O.Y., Kruger, J., White, Z. & Taylor, J.R.N. (2019) Comparison between food-to-food fortification of pearl millet porridge with moringa leaves and baobab fruit and with adding ascorbic and citric acid on iron, zinc and other mineral bioaccessibility. LWT - Food Science and Technology 106, 92-97.
  • Adetola, O.Y., Kruger, J., Ferruzzi, M.G., Hamaker, B.R. & Taylor, J.R.N.  (Submitted for publication).  Potential of moringa leaf and baobab fruit food-to-food fortification of wholegrain maize porridge to improve iron and zinc bioaccessibility. International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition. Manuscript ID CIJF-2021-0087
  • Adetola, O.Y., Ndiaye, C., Lubaale, J. &Taylor, J.R.N. Food-to-food fortification with provitamin A-rich and organic acid-rich plant foods or together with micronutrient premix fortification improved essential mineral bioaccessibility in ready-to-eat pearl millet-based porridges. Manuscript in preparation.


  • Adetola, O.Y., Hoffman, M. & Taylor, J.R.N. (2020) Enhancing iron bioaccessibility in African cereal-based diet using a food-based approach: a potential sustainable strategy to alleviate iron deficiency in Africa. Published in Journal of Applied Physiology, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, 45, S1. ISSN 1715-5321, EISSN 1715-5320. Poster presentation at the 10th Annual Canadian Nutrition Conference (CNS) Virtual Poster Expo, May 2020
  • Adetola, O.Y., Kruger, J., White, Z. & Taylor, J.R.N. (2019) Baobab fruit enhanced iron and zinc bioaccessibility from African whole maize porridge. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 119, A45. ISSN 2212-2672
  • Adetola, O.Y., Kruger, J., White, Z. & Taylor, J.R.N. (2018) Natural food fortification: A potential sustainable plant food-based strategy to improve essential mineral bioavailability in African cereal-based diets. Published in South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition 31, S39. ISSN 1607-0658, EISSN 2221-1268. Poster presentation at the Nutrition Congress “Nutrition: Past, Present, Future” Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2018.
  • Adetola, O.Y., Hoffman, M., Van der Merwe, R. & Taylor, J.R.N. (2019) Enhancing essential mineral bioaccessibility in a cereal-based diet using a food-based approach. Oral presentation at the 23rd Biennial International South African Association for Food Science & Technology (SAAFoST) Congress, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2019. Won Dreosti award for best oral presentation.
  • Adetola, O.Y., Kruger, J., White, Z. & Taylor, J.R.N.. (2018) Natural food fortification: A potential sustainable plant food-based strategy to improve essential mineral bioavailability in African cereal-based diets. Poster presentation at the International Sorghum Conference “Sorghum in the 21st Century”, Cape Town, South Africa, April 2018.
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