Josephine Thandiwe Baloyi



Consumer and Food Sciences



MSc Food Science (with distinction)

Resting of sorghum-soya biscuit dough: effect on dough and biscuit physicochemical properties and consumer acceptability of the baked biscuits

Sorghum is a gluten free and underutilized cereal crop that grows mostly in dry parts of Africa. Substitution of imported wheat flour with locally grown sorghum flour with could potentially reduce production costs of ready to eat snacks, thereby making the biscuits more affordable. The low moisture content after baking extends the shelf life of sorghum-soya biscuits. Results from this study have shown that sorghum-soya biscuits have inferior sensory qualities compared to readily available wheat-based snacks. However, the low glycemic index of sorghum-soya biscuits means that it is slowly digested in the gut compared to wheat biscuits, which could be an alternative for consumption as a healthy and filling snack.



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  • Prof HL de Kock
  • Prof MN Emmambux
  • Prof JRN Taylor



South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFOST)



  • Baloyi, J. T., Emmambux M.N., Taylor, J. R. N., and de Kock H.L. 2019. Effect of dough resting time on physical properties and consumer acceptance of sorghum-soya biscuits. Poster presentation at SAAFOST Congress 2019, Food Science and Technology for the 21st Century, Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-4 September 2019
  • Baloyi, J. T., Emmambux M.N., Taylor, J. R. N., and de Kock H.L. 2018. The effect of dough resting time on thermal properties and texture or sorghum-soya (70:30) dough and biscuits. Poster presentation at The International Sorghum Conference, Sorghum in the 21st Century. Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, 9 - 12 April 2018
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