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What happens when I overstep the mark?

A student suspected of plagiarism must be informed in writing by the marker and given a chance to deny the allegation in person.

If the student admits the plagiarism, the marker must suggest a penalty in line with the Plagiarism Penalty Scale, and a note of the incident must be made on the student’s record.

If the student does not admit the plagiarism, or disputes the degree of seriousness he/she must go the disciplinary hearing route.

Important information:

  • The Penalty Scale applies to all work submitted for assessment.
  • An important criterion for judging seriousness is “quantity”; however, the general principle is that the penalty should be appropriate to the seriousness of the incident.
  • The quantity is the independent professional judgement of the lecturer and not the Turnitin percentage.
  • When investigating an incident, the following is important:
    • the significance of the plagiarised content on the assessment of the submitted work
    • the extent or amount of the plagiarism in the submitted work
    • the year and level of the student
    • the background of the student
    • whether the student has taken up any of the opportunities provided by the University to enhance students’ understanding of plagiarism
    • whether the student has previous incidents of plagiarism (see Plagiarism Register)
    • any apparent intention by the student to deceive

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