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Student parking    

It is our pleasure to inform you that Post-graduate students and students on Satellite Campuses (not Hatfield) are now able to apply for their parking discs online via the UP Portal. 

Note that these students will only be able to apply after they have completed the registration process. Undergraduate Hatfield Campus students or residence students will unfortunately not be able to make use of this system. Residence students will still be able to apply via their residence Admin HC or at the General Enquiries Counters in the Student Service Centre.

After the completion of the online application, the parking disk may be collected from your Campus's Student Service Centre General Enquiries counters. All registered satellite Campus students and Post-graduate students will be able to apply via this online system for a relevant parking disc.

Undergraduate students may park in designated areas outside the Hatfield Campus. Parking is extremely limited. Tshwane Metro Police fines are issued whenever student’s park illegally on sidewalks and the University cannot take any responsibility for these fines.

The official student parking areas of the University are located as follows:

  • Corner of Burnett and Festival Streets (H17)
  • Corner of Herold and Duxbury Streets (H29)
  • Corner of Herold Street and Lynnwood Road (H30)

These parking areas are enclosed areas and patrolled by University of Pretoria security guards. To gain access to these areas, students must produce their student cards. Arrive early. Parking bays are non- allocated and no parking bays may be reserved.

The Engineering III Parkade parking is also available to Undergraduate students. About two thirds of the parking bays in the parkade have been assigned for student parking, which will only be accessible from the new entrance in University Road. The number of available parking bays will be displayed on electronic information boards in University Road. Access control for students will be on a prepaid credit or a pay-on-foot cash basis as at other parkades. Cash payments can be made in cash or by means of a credit card at an automatic payment station.

The prepaid credit system will function as follows: A student will have to open an account at the Katanga Parking Management control room in the parkade. It will then be possible to deposit money against the account. This can be done at the Parking Management control room or at an automatic payment station and will enable a student to gain entrance to the parkade by swiping his/her activated student card at the parkade entrance. To exit the parkade, a student will swipe his/her activated student card at the exit boom. The system will reduce the money available on the student’s parking account by the applicable amount and the balance will be displayed on the screen.

The following rates will apply to casual (student) parking on weekdays from 06:00 to 18:00:

0-2 hours:   R5,00

2-4 hours:   R8,00

4-6 hours:   R10,00

6+ hours:    R20,00

A flat rate of R8,00 will apply from 18:00 to 06:00 on weekdays and over weekends. This will not apply when the parkade is used for spectator events as described above. For spectator events at Loftus Versfeld a rate of R100,00 will apply. The penalty for cars left in the parkade for more than 24 hours will be R250,00. The penalty for a lost ticket will be R50,00.

Postgraduate student parking

All students registered for a second or postgraduate degree qualify for postgraduate parking. Honours and masters students qualify for parking on Campus after 14:00 and doctorate students qualify for 24-hour parking on Campus. All postgraduate students need to apply online via the student web portal (Student Online Services), after which they may collect the disc from the General Enquiries counters in the Student Service Centre.

Park-and-ride commuter service for staff and students

  • The facility is available for use by staff and students.
  • Security guards will be on duty to facilitate parking.
  • Staff and students must show a valid staff or student card on request.
  • The Park-and-ride facility is free of charge.
  • A timetable and route indicator will be visible in each bus, on clickUP and on the UP web at

Between the UP Sports Campus (LC de Villiers sports grounds) and the Hatfield Campus

  • The parking area is next to the Daan Swiegers Building on the UP Sports Campus (LC de Villiers sports grounds).
  • A bus departs every 15 minutes from 06:45 to 17:45 from the UP Sports Campus (LC de Villiers sports grounds).
  • On Hatfield Campus: the bus will stop at the Graduate Centre to pick up or drop of passengers.
  • From Hatfield Campus (Graduate Centre): The bus departs every 15 minutes from 07:00 to 17:45.

Between the UP Sports Campus (LC de Villiers sports grounds) and the Hatfield Campus late night service

  • Departure from the Daan Swiegers parking area on the UP Sports Campus(LCdeVillierssportsgrounds)toHatfield Campus from 18:00.
  • Pick-up and drop-off zone in front of the Sci-Enza Building on the Hatfield Campus from 18:45 to 22:00.

Between Groenkloof Campus and Hatfield Campus

  • The parking area is in front of the SACTE Building on the Groenkloof Campus.
  • From Groenkloof Campus: A bus will depart every half hour from 06:30 to 21:30.
  • On Hatfield Campus: A bus will stop at the Sci-Enza building to pick up or drop off passengers.
  • From Hatfield Campus (Sci-Enza Building): A bus will depart every half hour from 07:00 to 22:00.

Parking for residence students

Residence students who qualify, may park in the paid parking areas at the residences. Take note that there is a limited number of parking bays available. An once-off admin fee for the amount of R70.00 for open parking and R310.00 for Undercover parking will be levied on the applicants account should a disc be issued to them that will allow them to park on the Residence grounds. Students may apply for open parking at the relevant residences by completing the Residence Disc application form. All parking applications for parking at the residences are submitted to and allocated by the relevant Residence House Committee member responsible for Administration or the Residence Affairs Department.

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